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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-05-12
Lecture:1. Targeted Metabolomics- Examples for Applications in Cancer, Diabetes, Neurology and Cardiology

2. Biocrates Kit Solutions: High Reproducibility proven in international Ring trials

Time: 13:30–15:30 (Friday),May 12,2017

Location: Conference Hall, Biotechnology Division, DICP

Speaker:Dr. Wulf Fischer- Knuppertz, The CEO of Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Austria

Dr. Carmen Ludwig-Papst, Manager International Sales EMEIA, BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG, Austria


Targeted Metabolomics in Translational Medicine

The network of the human metabolism is the best described, complete and understood network today. However, the enormous potential of metabolic phenotyping for improved system biology understanding is not fully recognized today.

Standardized, quantitative and multiplexed targeted metabolomics analysis, available today, is of utmost importance to guarantee data-related inter-laboratory comparability, longitudinal robustness and reproducibility.

Targeted metabolomics approaches are suitable for translational medicine (from mouse to man, from cell to blood), blood-based precision medicine (diagnosis and prognosis, stratification, treatment monitoring). Well defined approaches for data analysis and biological interpretation of data are pivotal.

Concrete examples from oncology, neurology (AD), cardiovascular diseases as well as is drug development process will be presented and discussed.

The potential of Metabolomics as an enabling technology for precision medicine has extensively been discussed in a WHITE PAPER by the Metabolomics Society on Precision Medicine and Pharmacometabolomics. This white paper highlights multiple reasons why Metabolomics should be an important technology within the Precision Medicine Initiative initiated by former US president Barack Obama. Biocrates is the only Metabolomics technology provider that has been specifically mentioned in the white paper. 

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