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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-07-12
Catalysts preparation and design

Time: 13 July 2016 15:00

Venue: Conference Room on the First Floor, Energy Building1#

Prof. laurence.pirault

Faculty of Sciences, University of Poitiers


Prof. Laurence PIRAULT-ROY

Institute of chemistry of Poitiers

Materials and Natural Resources, B27, TSA 51105, 4 rue Michel Brunet, 86073 Poitiers FRANCE

Mail: Laurence.Pirault@univ-poitiers.fr


Ph D in Applied Chemistry Specialty Catalysis in 1994, Master of Physics and Chemistry in 1990

EXPERIENCE : Main topic : Catalysis by metals

1991- Present : Catalysts preparation and Design for Pollution abatement, Energy, Chemicals and Specialty Products

        - Catalytic automotive converters, VOC’s abatement, Water pollution remediation

        - Catalysts for space propulsion, Catalysts for fuel cells

        - Catalyst for petroleum reforming or ethanol reforming

        - Catalysts for fine chemistry: Hydrogenation or oxidation, selective or competitive, Coupling reaction

Skills and Competences:

Preparation of metallic catalysts via classic ways and controlled surface reactions (redox and organometallic reactions), colloid preparation, sol-gel preparation, washcoating of monoliths or foams

Physico-chemical characterization (Chemisorption, FTIR, XAS, MET, ...)

Evaluation of catalysts performances (model reactions, test reactions)


Head of chemistry department (2010-2014)

Member of administration council of the faculty of Sciences of Poitiers (2005-2009), Member of the IC2MP laboratory’s council (2014-present)

Manager of international cooperation (7)

Member of scientific or organizing committee of International Congress (4)

Ph D supervisor (17)

Responsible of the Master of chemistry in Poitiers


Inorganic and organic chemistry, Applied chemistry, Catalysis, Thermodynamics, Risks management


Invited conferences in a congress: 8        in an university abroad: 18

Publications: 45

Oral presentation in an international congress: 29                national: 15

Poster presentation in an international congress: 61                national: 6


Nowadays, heterogeneous catalysis represents 80% of industrial processes. To improve activity, selectivity and stability of metallic supported catalysts, more and more complex systems are developed to obtain well-defined and efficient materials.

The first axis is to enhance the metallic phase. Thus, the nanomorphology of metallic particles should be controlled, the composition in case of plurimetallic systems should be optimized and the localisation of the metallic additives should be carefully chosen.

Frequently, the support used can participate to the reaction through a bifunctional mechanism. To adjust its acidic-basic or redox properties, specific preparation must be targeted. This is the second axis of improvement.

These systems are designed for industrial applications that required usually high pressure or temperature. To increase mechanical and thermal resistance as well as reduce pressure loss, ceramics (foams or monoliths) are used. But new problems appear that consist in a third way of enhancement: how to introduce the active phase? how to certify the adhesion to ceramic? how to improve the stability? Several examples of optimization routes will be presented as colloidal preparation, controlled surface reactions, sol-gel and washcoating processes. Impact on catalytic performances will be pointed out.

Contact: DNL-0901 WANG Sheng (84379332)



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