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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-08-13
Integration of Measurement, Control and Process Modelling - The Path to Manufacturing Excellence of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals

Time:Friday 2013.8.16 (Friday) 9:00 am

Location:Academic hall of Biotechnology Building

Lecturer:Professor Xuezhong WANG

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China. Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, University of Leeds. Leeds LS2 9JT,UK


The industries that manufacture high value particulate products are highly competitive and faces stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. These challenges call for advanced manufacturing technologies that can bring a laboratory process to a commercial production scale with guaranteed success, and that can provide controlled manufacture of the products with consistent, reproducible and predictable high quality and in commercial quantity.

Process control through integration of on-line sensing, data mining and multi-scale process modelling represents a key enabling technology to address these challenges and to make step changes in a company’s competitiveness. This talk will present practical examples of recent developments in this area and highlight future challenges and research directions.

The first case study is about control of the shape distribution of crystals grown from solution. Crystal morphology is known to be important to the end-use properties of products and affect the down-stream processing, but has been regarded as too challenging to control. As a result, previous work has focused on control the size distribution where the size of a crystal is defined as the diameter of a sphere that has the same volume of the crystal. This talk will introduce newly proposed ‘morphological population balance’ models and progress in on-line imaging and image analysis that led to a practical solution to closed–loop control of crystal shape distribution.

The second case study is concerned with engineering nanomaterials. Process scale-up and controlled manufacture of nanomaterial represents a major challenge. This presentation will introduce new developments in this area, including the on-line use of dynamic light scattering, acoustic spectroscopy and process tomography, as well as intelligent interpretation of the data to derive the multivariate design and capability envelope, and QSAR (quantitative structure - activity relationships) type of causal models.


Professor Xue Zhong Wang joined the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology in Guangzhou in July 2012. He has held a Personal Chair in Intelligent Measurement and Control in the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, the University of Leeds. Prior to the Chair appointment, he was the industrially sponsored Malvern Reader. His key areas of expertise are in (i) sensor data mining and knowledge discovery (wavelets, neural networks, principal and independent component analysis, multivariate statistical process control, automatic decision tree generation, link analysis, multidimensional visualisation); and (ii) on-line process analytics and real-time control for particles processes (NIR, ATR FTIR, zeta-potential, laser diffraction, etc). In these areas, he has published over 100 papers and one research monograph entitled Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery for Process Monitoring and Control (Springer). Research in his group is being conducted with strong support from EPSRC, DTI and UK industries. Projects include research on on-line photon correlation spectroscopy and acoustic spectroscopy for size characterisation in high concentration nanoparticle slurries; crystal morphology measurement, modelling and control; investigation on scaling-up strategy and control manufacture of nanomaterials using a continuous hydrothermal synthesis process; as well as high-throughput discovery of inorganic nanomaterial.

Contact:DNL0903 Chen Guangwen(9031)



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