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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-06-05
Ferrites and Ferrates as Environmental Friendly Materials in

Time:2013.6.8  9:00am

Location:Laboratory of Catalysts and New Materials for Aerospace(306)

Lecturer: Virender K. Sharma


Iron and its oxides are not only greener than many of precious known metals, but can perform numerous catalytical reactions of industrial and environmental interests such as pigments, magnetic recording media, catalysis, and magnetic fluids. Iron oxides have shown potential in industrial, water purification, and photocatalytical trasnfromation to generate solar fuel. For example, ferrites have a molecular formula, M-Fe2O4 in which Fe2O3 is combined with a metal oxide (M-O) have demonstrated their roles in water purification and hydrogen and methane production under solar irradiance. More recently focus is also on the high-valent iron species, which have shown their involvement in numerous chemical, biological, and environmental reactions. In the past decade, there is an increasing interest in tetraoxy high-valent iron anions, commonly called ferrates (e.g. ferrate(VI), FeVIO42- and ferrate(V), FeVO43-) in aqueous solutions due to their importance in high energy density rechargeable batteries, in cleaner (“greener”) technology for organic syntheses, in environmentally friendly water and wastewater treatment processes. The presentation will focus on the fundamental chemistry of ferrites and ferrates, followed by examples to show their applications in the development of alternative energy for fuel and chemicals for purifying waters from toxins and micropollutants to meet major challenge for environmental sustainability.


Virender Sharma is a Director of the Center of Ferrate Excellence and a Professor of Environmental Chemistry at the Florida Institute of Technology. Virender is considered expert in properties and applications of ferrates. More recently, his research has also been recognized for green synthesis and antibacterial activities of silver nanoparticles. He has published widely with 186 peer-reviewed journal articles, 39 book chapters and 44 proceedings and preprint articles. His articles have been highly cited and some articles have more than 450 citations. He has edited one book and two others are in production for publication in 2013. He is also a sole author of the book titled “Reactive Intermediates in the Oxidation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins”, published by Wiley. Additionally, he has been a guest editor for special issues of several journals.   He has been recognized with honors given by state and national institutions and organizations of the USA. Florida Tech honored him with the “Award for Excellence in Research.” The Orlando section of the American Chemical Society gave me an outstanding chemist award. He has been honored with 2012 Excellence in Review Award by the Environmental Science & Technology, a publication of the American Chemical Society.

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