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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2010-09-06
Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Carotenoids

Time:Aug.25  2010 PM14:00

Location:Meeting Room of state key labratory of molecluar reaction dynamics Building on Floor 3
Prof. Tonu Pullerits

Chemical Physics, Lund University, Sweden


"Learning from Nature" is a well-exploited slogan. This "evergreen" motivation continues leading to novel results, both fundamental and applied. New experimental and theoretical methods often reveal previously unresolved complex ingenious functionality of the natural processes enabling deeper fundamental understanding and giving inventive ideas for building and optimizing artificial devices. In this contribution we use our long-standing experience in photosynthesis research and apply novel ultrafast spectroscopy methods to addresses a set of unresolved issues related to elementary processes in light harvesting materials potentially paving a way to new solar energy technologies.
   Recent developments in laser technology have enabled novel ultrafast multi-pulse experiments which are analogous to multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Femtosecond coherent multidimensional laser spectroscopy is capable of resolving the structural and electronic dynamics on truly molecular timescale. By choosing different directions of incoming laser beams, pulse sequences and wavelengths one can construct a large number of qualitatively different nonlinear spectroscopy experiments providing a rich package of complementary information. Synergy of the method in combination with conventional techniques (both experimental and theoretical) will lead us to new level of understanding of factors of influence in ultra-fast dynamics in excited states of complex condensed phase systems. In this project we study excitation dynamics in semiconductor QDs and investigate electron injection control in Grätzel solar cell materials.

Contact:Keli Han Wei Wu



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