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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2010-07-26
Pathway medicine and new generation technologies

  Time:July 27,2010  AM 9:00

  Location:Academic Hall of Biological Building

  Dr. Ye Fang

  Research Manager, Cellular Biophysics


  Fang obtained his bachelor’s degree from Hubei University (Wuhan, China) in 1989, his master’s degree from the Wuhan University (Wuhan, China) in 1992, his doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China) in 1995 and carried out postdoctoral research at University of Vermont (1995-1996), and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (1996-2000).

  Dr. Ye Fang joined Corning in 2000 as a Senior Research Scientist in Science & Technology.  Fang was appointed Research Associate in 2004. Fang was appointed Research Manager in 2006, and Senior Research Manager, Cellular Biophysics in the Organic and Biochemical Technologies directorate in 2008.

  Fang was the project leader and later the technical leader for G Protein-Coupled Receptor (GPCR) Microarray project, and is the project leader for Cell Assay Technologies (Integrative Pharmacology) project. He is the primary inventor of GPCR microarrays, reverse protein delivery, Epic® cellular assays, Corning integrative pharmacology, and topology cell culture technologies. He is a frequently invited speaker, serves as a referee for over 20 scientific journals and a guest editor for the JRST, and is a board member of two journals. He is the author of 2 books, 12 book chapters and over seventy research publications, and holds 7 patents and has 56 patent applications.

  Key publications:

  A. Books

  1. Razvi, E.S., and Fang, Y. (2005) G-protein coupled receptors: Technical overview, emerging technologies, market trends and opportunities. D&MD Publications, Westborough, MA.

  2. Bai, C., Fang, Y., and Tang, Y. (1996) Structure and Biology of Three-stranded DNA. Chinese Scientific Publishing Co., Beijing, China.

  B. Representative publications

  1. Fang, Y.* (2010) Probing cancer signaling with resonant waveguide grating biosensor. Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery. Invited Review.

  2. Fang, Y.* (2010) Label-free receptor assays. Drug Discovery Today: Technologies. DOI: 10.1016/j.ddtec.2010.05.001

  3. Fang, Y.* (2009) Guest Editor’s Introduction: Label-free optical biosensors to cell biology and drug discovery. J. Receptors Signal Transduction, 29, 127

  4. Tran, E., and Fang, Y.* (2009) Label-free optical biosensor for probing integrative role of adenylyl cyclase in G protein-coupled receptor signaling. J. Receptors Signal Transduction, 29, 154-162.

  5. Tran, E., and Fang, Y.* (2008) Duplexed label-free G protein-coupled receptor assays for high throughput screening. J. Biomol. Screen. 13(10), 975-985

  Contact:Xiuli Zhang(9521)




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