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DICP symposium on Applications and Industrial Processes of Ionic Liquids

Time:September 5-7, 2010



We are pleased to announce a DICP symposium on Applications and Industrial Processes of Ionic Liquids that is organized as a satellite meeting of the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Ionic Liquids and Green Processes (APCIL-2) which will be held in Dalian during September 5-7, 2010.

Ionic liquid research is one of the fastest growing emerging technology sectors demonstrated by the accelerating number of ionic liquid publications and patents. The evolution of ionic liquids over the last decade has been dramatic, as witnessed by major strides in understanding, new processes, scale-up and manufacturing. Industrial interest is now at an all time high as the technology enters the realms of industrial reality. For the implementation of Ionic Liquid based commercial processes and applications all stages from conceptual design to commercial implementation are relevant for most catalysis, separations, and synthetic processes to which ionic liquids can be applied. A key aspect is the scale-up and engineering design. This is critical to the commercial viability of the process and includes reactor design, separation, and recycle of ionic liquids. Their recovery in the process and ultimate fate in the environment needs to be addressed at a very early state of commercial realization.

Topics covered will include

·      Commercialized applications based on Ionic Liquids

·      Technical barriers and related research

·      Recommendations and tools to address these barriers

·      Engineering-scale studies and pilot plant demonstrations

The DICP symposium on Applications and Industrial Processes of Ionic Liquids will provide a unique platform for academic and industrial scientists to exchange and discuss resent developments in the emerging field of Ionic Liquids and future requirements for a successful implementation of commercial processes. The program will feature lead talks from internationally recognized industrial and academic experts in the field followed by contributed papers.



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