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Technology Transfer

In the past, DICP’s applied research has produced many high-tech products and technologies that are commercially competitive. DICP has established 17 high-tech corporations by investing the intellectual properties. Our business operations span fields involving olefins, catalysis, new energy sources, membrane chemistry, and biotechnology. In 2017, the operating revenues of these high-tech corporations have totaled RMB 788 million, with after-tax profits of RMB 170 million. RMB 71 million goes to the government in taxes.

After more than ten years of growth, these high-tech companies have become an essential vehicle of application DICP’s research achievements. These companies generate considerable economic and social benefits.

For example, the world’s first megaton, coal-to-olefin project was successfully commercialized in 2010 using DICP-developed MTO (DMTO) technology in collaboration with other partners. DICP created SYN Energy Technology Co. Ltd. as the DMTO licensor. To date, SYN has signed 24 technology license contracts and has developed 13 sets of DMTO installations, increasing the olefin production capacity to 13.76 million tons per year. These achievements have played an essential role in augmenting China’s petroleum resources and aided our national strategy of replacing petroleum as a main fuel source.

The Dalian Catalytic Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established through the integration of several catalytic corporations previously held by DICP. In its two years of operation, the company is becoming a new platform for optimizing our institute’s approach to the catalytic industry. Recently, a S&T project: “The use of deep-purification technology and catalyst development for the conversation of CO-rich industrial exhaust to ethylene glycol” (2013-2014) is now undergoing. This project, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, will receive RMB 9.77 million in funds.

In addition, a spin-off company is developing battery and energy storage technologies, which are in the critical phase of industrial demonstration. Dalian Rongke Power Technology Development Ltd. is quickly becoming one of the leading competitors within its industry and a pioneer in technology development.

In the future, the Institute will continue to explore different modes of techology transfer and licensing in order to promote the competitive edge of our corporate spin-offs. We aim to encourage applied researches and technological transfers to develop advanced technologies for the needs of society and national economy.

Spin-off Companies

SYN Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian Huahai Hydrogen Production Equipment Co. Ltd.
Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Engineering Center Co., Ltd. Dalian Kaihua New Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.
Dalian Catalytic Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian Kena Science Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Tianbang National Engineering Research Center of Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian GlycobioCo., Ltd.
Sunrise Powder Co.,Ltd Dalian Aimeirui Battery Co., Ltd.
Dalian Chemphy Chemical Co.,Ltd Dalian HST Technology Co., Ltd.
Dalian Elite Analy cal Instruments Co., Ltd. Dalian Jinruiweida Technology Co., Ltd.
Dalian Best Ethylbenzene Chemistry Co., Ltd. SYSMED (China) Co., Ltd.
Dalian Rongke Power Technology Development Co., Ltd.    




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