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DICP Symposium
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DICP Symposium
DICP Symposium(I) on Catalysis DICP Symposium (XXXVI) on Novel Techniques for Quantitative Proteome Analysis

Under the “Knowledge Innovation Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chinese scientists are encouraged to seek extensive and in-depth collaborations with international science and technology community. As globalisation is inevitable, scientists from all around the world must collaborate and act upon the big problems our human society is facing at a global scale, rather than at a local scale only. This integrated activity will optimize our limited resources and provide a step forward to the sustainability of our society.
In recognizing this demand, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) has established “DICP Symposium Special Fund”, by which the scientists from the Institute will be financially funded to organize the “Gordon Research Conferences” type Symposia or Workshops on selected topics of the institute’s interest. The purpose of this fund is to promote the international cooperation and exchange for upgrading the R&D level of DICP.
So far, DICP has successfully held 36 DICP Symposium from 2003. It has developed its own features in catalytic chemistry, engineering chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, chemical lasers and molecular reaction dynamics, biotechnology, as well as in modern analytical chemistry, especially in chromatography.

No. Time DICP Symposium 
1 2003.10.16-18 DICP Symposium (I) on Catalysis
2 2003.10.15-16 DICP Symposium (II) on Marine Biotechnology
3 2004.5.26-27 DICP Symposium (III) on Science & Technology of Nano-Catalysis
4 2004.7.21-23 DICP Symposium (IV) on Dynamics
5 2004.12.10-11 DICP Symposium (V) on Microscale Separations and Analysis for Systems Biology
6 2004.8.3-4 DICP Symposium (VI) on Separation and Detection of Biomolecules
7 2005.4.19-20 DICP Symposium (VII) on Moden Separation / Analytical Chemistry and Metabonomics
8 2005.7.28-29 DICP Symposium (VIII) on Separation and Detection of Biomolecules
9 2006.4.20-21 DICP Symposium (IX) on Miniaturization of Analytical Instrument and Micro-system
10 2006.6.1-3 DICP Symposium (X) on Chemical Physics of Materials
11 2006.9.15-16 DICP Symposium (XI) on Analytical Biochemistry anf Traditional Chinese Medicinal Metabonomics
12 2006.10.13-15 DICP Symposium (XII) on Molecular Dynamics
13 2007.6.20-22 DICP Symposium (XIII) on Lab-on a chip
14 2007.10.29-30 DICP Symposium (XIV) on Separation and Detection of Biomolecules
15 2008.5.18 DICP Symposium (XV) on Calorimetry and Thermoanalysis
16 2008.5.26-28 DICP Symposium (XVI) on Fuel cells
17 2008.7.12 DICP Symposium (XVII) on Nanocatalysis
18 2008.5.15-16 DICP Symposium (XVIII) on early ADME/TOX and DMPK studing
19 2008.11.29-30 DICP Symposium (XIX) on Frontier of Bioanalytical Techniques: Challenge of Metabonomics and Otheromics
20 2009.10.19-20 DICP Symposium (XX) on Microscale Bioseparations
21 2009.6.3-5 DICP Symposium (XXI) on Molecular Beam
22 2010.6.3-6 DICP Symposium (XXII) on Frontiers of Catalytic Science and Technology for the 21st Century
23 2010.8.28-31 DICP Symposium (XXIII) on Solar Fuels and Solar Cells
24 2010.9.5-7 DICP Symposium (XXIV)on Applications and Industrial Processes of Ionic Liquids
25 2010.10.10-11 DICP Symposium (XXV) on New Strategies in Assessing Drug Metabolism and Drug-Drug Interactions(2010)
26 2010.11.7-10 DICP Symposium (XXVI) on Carbon for Catalysis
27 2011.6.29-30 DICP Symposium (XXVII) on Energy Srorage Stationary Technologies and Policies
28 2011.8.16-19 DICP Symposium (XXVIII) Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
29 2011.10.5-7 DICP Symposium (XXIX) on International Forum on Molecular Imprinting 
30 2012.5.28-30 DICP Symposium (XXX) on 7th International Green Energy Conference, IGEC-7I
31 2012.7.28-29 DICP Symposium (XXXI) on Frontiers in Sample Preparation: Novel Principles and Techniques
32 2012.9.3-4 DICP Symposium (XXXII) on Mossbauer Characterization and Catalysis
33 2013.6.14-15 DICP Symposium (XXXIII) on Fuel Cells & the 2nd DNL Conference on Clean Energy
34 2013.9.22-25 DICP Symposium (XXXIV) on Catalysis for lignocellulose conversion
35 2013.10.20-22 DICP Symposium (XXXV) on New Separation/Analytical Methods and Metabolomics
36 2013.10.27-29 DICP Symposium (XXXVI) on Novel Techniques for Quantitative Proteome Analysis (2013)



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