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Postdoctoral Application

1. You can find all the postdoctoral positions and corresponding contacts on the English official website of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Or you may also reach out to our Personnel Department (liuchang@dicp.ac.cn).

2. You need to send your curriculum vitae with two recommendation letters (one must be provided by your PhD advisor, PDF format with signature) to your prospective postdoctoral advisor(s) by email and copy to the Personnel Department of DICP (liuchang@dicp.ac.cn).

3. After confirming with your prospective postdoctoral advisor, you need to take the postdoctoral entrance interview with slides you shall prepare, including your personal information, research background, achievements, future research plans, etc.

4. The postdoctoral entrance interview will be conducted through the internet. The Personnel Department of DICP will notify you of the interview time slots via email. The interview results will also be sent to you via email.

5. After passing the interview, you need to send the following documents in PDF format to your postdoctoral advisor (or your advisor’s secretary) via email:
a. Your PhD. degree certification;
b. Your education certification (provided by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate of the country where you obtained your PhD or equivalent degree(s));
c. Your passport (profile page and Chinese visa page);
d. Your PhD Transcripts.

6. Next, your postdoctoral advisor’s secretary will help you complete the required procedures on the website of China Postdoctoral System.

7. Finally, you will receive an email from your advisor’s secretary indicating you have completed your postdoctoral application.

Note: if you still have any questions, please reach out to the Personnel Department of DICP (liuchang@dicp.ac.cn).



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