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A promising new catalyst for the activation and conversion of methane developed at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) [2014-05-12]
An important breakthrough of nano-structured carbon materials for catalysis [2014-04-29]
New progress on the biomimetic fabrication of functional bio-fiber materials [2014-04-29]
Division of Energy storage at DICP published “correspondence” in Nature [2014-04-22]
SUMITOMO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Japan Visited DICP [2014-04-04]
Hydrogen Production from Solar-Driven Overall Splitting of Hydrogen Sulfide with an Integrated Photoelectrochemical–Chemical Loop Reaction System [2014-04-03]
Agreement of Joint laboratory on translational medicine between DICP and Dalian Municipal Central Hospital was signed [2014-03-27]
Scientists in DICP made progress in study of enzamatic kinetics in complex system [2014-03-05]
Kick-off meeting of Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Groups (HCJRG) project REVHY was help in our institute [2014-03-05]
Monograph Edited by Prof. Keli Han and Coworkers Has Published by Springer [2014-02-27]
Water Splitting on Photocatalysts with Dual Cocatalysts Selectively Deposited on Different Facets of Semiconductors [2014-02-26]
New Progress in adjusting acid strength via macromolecular self-assembly within confined nanospace [2014-02-19]
New progress in theoretical investigation on N-aziridinyl imine compounds forming triquinanes [2014-02-19]
Progress in development of a dopant-assisted negative photoionization ion mobility spectrometry with fast switchable reactant ions for explosives detection [2014-02-19]
Review Article on Morphology-dependent nanocatalysts: Rod-shaped oxides [2014-02-18]
Progress in Development of a New Chemical Ionization Source [2014-01-22]
The First Members' Meeting of the Second Academic Committee for Key Laboratory of Separation Science for Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in DICP [2014-01-21]
The study of aging model organism C.elegans on a microfluidic platform [2014-01-20]
New Progress in Molecular Hydrogen Formation from Photocatalysis of Methanol on Anatase-TiO2(101) [2014-01-16]
Study finds a potent painkiller in traditional Chinese medicine [2014-01-03]
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