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The inaugural meeting of the joint project between NSFC and CAS for strategic research of energy chemistry was held in DICP [2014-10-16]
The Subjects of 973 program “Fundamental Research on Flow Batteries for Large-scale and High Efficient Energy Storage Applications” Have Successfully Passed the Evaluation [2014-10-16]
Qingdao bright moon seaweed Group Co Ltd visited DICP [2014-10-11]
Professor Martin P Atkins from Queens University Belfast Inspected the Flow Battery Technology [2014-09-29]
Pilot scale MBC commissioning for CO2 removal from gas successfully conducted [2014-09-28]
Xueming Yang was invited to serve as the associate editor of Science Advances Journal [2014-09-25]
The first China-Italy bilateral workshop on graphene research held in DICP [2014-09-24]
Daniel M. Neumark Visited DICP as the Zhang Dayu Lectureship Professor [2014-09-12]
The 20th International Symposium on High Power Laser Systems and Applications Co-Organized Successfully by the Key Laboratory of Chemical Lasers of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics [2014-09-09]
A New Chemical Reaction Mechanism found in the O(1D)+CHD3 Reaction [2014-09-09]
A Workshop on Experimental and Theoretical Photocatalysis Held in DICP [2014-09-02]
Prof. Frank J. Gonzalez Visit DICP to Give Zhang Dayu lectureship (XIV) [2014-08-29]
Symposium on Clinical and Translational Medicine Held Successfully in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) [2014-08-26]
New progress in high-energy density Li-S batteries at DICP [2014-08-21]
Researchers Develop Solar Overall Water Splitting with Natural-artificial Hybrid Photosystem [2014-08-21]
An International Conference of the Lab on a Chip Industry Workshop –Microfluidic Applications held in DICP [2014-08-14]
A visit of Prof. Zheng-Rong Lu from Case Western Reserve University (USA) [2014-07-18]
Staged Meeting of “Key Techniques Based on Microfluidic Chips for New Drugs Development” of National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for “Significant New Drugs Development” [2014-07-14]
Prof. Jingguang Chen from Columbia University (USA) was invited to visit Dalian Institute of Chemistry and Physics (DICP) [2014-07-11]
A successful technology demonstration of ultra-pure hydrogen purification [2014-07-09]
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