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The Kick-off Meeting for National Program on Key Research and Development Project “ Control over the Surface & Interface of 2D Materials for C1 Conversion” Hold in DICP [2016-12-01]
DICP Represents China on the IEA HIA Executive Committee [2016-11-23]
New Approach Help Detect Propofol with a Drop of Blood in Only One Minute [2016-11-22]
DICP Advances on 2D Graphene-based Heterostructure Films For High-Performance Flexible Micro-Supercapacitors [2016-11-18]
Young Scientist Symposium on Physical Chemistry was held in DICP [2016-11-10]
Dr. Xiaopeng Li from University of South Florida visited DICP [2016-11-10]
The Kick-off Meeting for the National Program on Key Research and Development Project “Development of New Methods for Comprehensive Analysis of Protein Complexes with Dynamic Changes” Held in DICP [2016-11-03]
Photocatalysis Accelerate Oxygen Reduction Reaction in H2-O2 Fuel Cell [2016-10-31]
Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn from University of Waterloo visited DICP, CAS [2016-10-25]
Review article on hydrogen storage materials by DICP scientists was published on Nature Reviews Materials [2016-10-19]
SIMS China Ⅵ Held in DICP [2016-10-12]
Taking Catalysis to the Atomic Limit-Chemists Advance Single-atom Supported Catalysts Rrom Farfetched Idea to Reality [2016-10-12]
Chemical & Engineering News Pay Close Attention to Single-atom Catalysis due to Its Rapid Progress [2016-10-12]
Haldor Topsoe Delegation visited DICP [2016-10-12]
President of Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften-ISAS-e.V., Prof. Albert Sickmann visited DICP, CAS [2016-10-12]
DICP Researchers Develop a New Method and Instrument for Exhaled Breath Analysis [2016-10-10]
DICP Researchers Prepared an n-Si Schottky Photoanode With High Water Oxidation Performance [2016-10-08]
Acceptance of 973 Project "Studies on fundamental theories and key technologies of novel fuel cell power systems based on alternative electrocatalysts to precious metals" Was Held [2016-10-08]
Formosa Plastics Corporation –DICP Research Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony Held at DICP [2016-09-29]
DICP Researchers Developed a New Method to Grow Thickness and Shape Controllable Perovskite Wafers [2016-09-29]
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