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Professor Yi Lu Visits DICP [2015-07-24]
DICP Researchers Reveal the Physical Origin of the Ti3+ Ions Related Electronic Structure in TiO2 [2015-07-20]
New Advance in Ultra-high Resolution Ion Mobility Spectrometry [2015-07-17]
863 Project " Study on Testing Methods, Protocols and Standards for Flow Batteries " Successfully Passed Technical Evaluation [2015-07-16]
Prof. Shengzhong Liu, has been invited as the Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports, a Nature series journal [2015-07-13]
Special Topic of “Catalysis—Facing the Future”, edited by Prof. BAO Xinhe, was published on National Science Review [2015-07-10]
Professor He Huang form Nanjing University of Technology visited DICP and conducted academic communication [2015-07-08]
New Research Progress in Photoelectrical Imaging of Highly Anisotropic Photogenerated Charge Separations on Different Facets of Single Photocatalyst [2015-07-07]
Commercialization Technology for Production of Polyalkylene Polyamine from Monoethanolamine Successfully Passed the Appraisal Meeting [2015-07-06]
Research on fluorescent probes for intracellular redox change was invited to publish in Accounts of Chemical Research [2015-06-17]
Chief Professor Huamin Zhang Was Awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of “NEC-Chint Innovation Award”in 2015 [2015-06-10]
Important Progress in Wide Visible-Light-Responsive Photocatalytic Z-Scheme Overall Water Splitting [2015-06-10]
New Research Progress in Nano-sized Gold Catalyst [2015-06-05]
New development in the technique for trace explosive detection [2015-06-03]
Keli Han was invited to serve as an Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports Journal [2015-05-25]
DICP successfully demonstrated the first industrial-scale ultra-pure hydrogen purification plant at a capacity over 800 m3/h [2015-05-21]
New Progress in Water Purification Achieved by a Conjugated Microporous Polymer [2015-05-21]
New research progress in surface catalysis confined by two-dimensional atomic crystal [2015-05-20]
Prof. Hanfa Zou received the "Liang Shuquan Fundamental Research Award" and Prof. Lihua Zhang received the “China Female Analytical Chemist Award” [2015-05-18]
863 Project “Monitoring and Risk Evaluation Technique for Dioxin Compounds in Flue Gas” Successfully Passed the Project Acceptance [2015-04-28]
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