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Atom-scale Oxidation Mechanism of Nanoparticles Provides New Route for the Development of Anti-corrosion Materials [2017-02-20]
DICP Advances on Arbitrary-Shaped Graphene-Based Supercapacitors with Unprecedented Flexibility and Superior Integration [2017-02-16]
Researchers Convert Inorganic Energy to Intracellular Bioenergy for "In-situ" Selective Metabolites Transformation [2017-02-15]
DICP Researchers Discover Internal Photoinduced Electron and Hole Separation in Hybrid 2-Dimentional Perovskite Films [2017-01-20]
China's First Manned Fuel Cell Aircraft Successfully Completes Maiden Flight [2017-01-18]
China opens unique free electron laser facility [2017-01-16]
DICP Researchers Discovered Long-Distance Charge Carrier Funneling in Perovskite Nanowires [2017-01-05]
Researchers Propose a Local Modification Strategy to Construct Specific Fluorescent Probes for Target Enzyme [2017-01-05]
DICP Researchers Find Single-atom Catalysts Exhibit Comparably High Reactivity with Homogenous Catalysts [2016-12-29]
The Launch of National Key R&D Project Nano Issue “Nano - Catalysis Technologies and Industrial Demonstration of Small Molecule Resources for High - Efficiency Transformation” Was Held in DICP [2016-12-22]
Researchers in DICP Made a New Progress in Catalyzed Fenton-Like Reaction [2016-12-19]
Prof. Rainer Lehmann from University Hospital of Tuebingen Visited DICP, CAS [2016-12-16]
Dr. YANG Chunzhang Visited Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics [2016-12-13]
The Annual Summary of 973 Program “Foundation of Artificial Photosynthesis of Solar Fuels” held in DICP [2016-12-13]
Researchers in DICP Made New Progress in Study of Enzymatic Kinetics in Complex System [2016-12-12]
The Translational Medicine Research Team of DICP Visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University [2016-12-12]
DICP Researchers Develop a Highly Specific Ratiometric Two-photon Fluorescent Probe to Detect Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV in Plasma and Living Systems [2016-12-08]
DICP Researchers Prepare a New Oxygen-permeable Ceramic Membrane for Hydrogen Separation [2016-12-02]
The Kick-off Meeting for the Sino-Japanese Research Cooperative Program "Efficient Utilization of Heat and Electric Power From Renewable Energy in Urban Areas Mediated by Hydrogen Energy" Hold in DICP [2016-12-02]
People Establish a New Blood-brain Barrier Model to Probe Metastatic Brain Tumors [2016-12-01]
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