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DICP Researchers Innovate the Preparation Strategy to Directly Synthesize Single Layer Graphene Encapsulating Uniform Earth-abundant 3D Transition Metal Nanoparticles [2015-12-17]
The Photo-induced Hydrogen Production Can Take Place at An Insulator Surface [2015-12-15]
DICP Successfully Confines FeN4 Structure in the Matrix of Graphene Nanosheets [2015-12-14]
Professor Jens Nielsen gave Zhang Dayu Lecture(XIX) [2015-12-14]
DICP Researchers Achieve Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting on Titanium Dioxide-based Photocatalysts of Different Phases [2015-12-07]
Prof. Yi-Heng Percival Zhang from Virginia Tech of USA Visits DICP [2015-12-02]
Mossbauer Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis Published on Advances in Catalysis [2015-12-02]
DICP Researchers Firstly Construct Ordered Triple-Phase Boundaries for Oxygen Oxidation Reactions in Nanoscale with High Efficiency and Durability [2015-11-26]
The Li-S Primary Battery with High Energy Density Break Through the Technology Bottleneck [2015-11-26]
Dr. Katrin R. Siefermann from Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification Visited DICP [2015-11-13]
DICP Scientists Realize Pure Formic Acid Dehydrogenation by Using A Heterogeneous Schiff Base Functionalized Gold Catalyst [2015-11-13]
Review Article on Lignin Catalytic Conversion was Published on Chemical Reviews [2015-11-12]
DICP Symposium (XXXIX) on Functional Metabolomics was successfully held [2015-11-12]
DICP Researchers Made A New Progress in Theorytcial Investigation of Identification and Interaction between Biological Macromolecule and Small Molecular [2015-11-04]
DICP Researchers Made A New Progress on Stabilizing Perovskite Membrane at Low Temperatures [2015-11-03]
DICP Researchers confirm the local mode picture for H atom reaction with vibrationally excited H2O [2015-11-03]
A highly selective ratiometric two-photon fluorescent probe for human cytochrome P450 1A [2015-10-30]
Frontier Science & Technology Symposium on Solar energy and Energy Storage held in Beijing [2015-10-30]
Three Professors from DICP were Involved in the Power List 2015 [2015-10-30]
Xueming Yang was elected as the Gauss Professor [2015-10-24]
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