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A Performance Improvement Strategy for Lithium Ion Battery Anode via Optimizing the Homogeneity of Electron and Ion Transport [2020-05-06]
DICP Researchers Find Coupling with Low-temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction Will Change the Regioselectivity of Styrene Hydroformylation [2020-05-04]
DICP Researchers Fabricated Hybrid Capsules that Enable Stem Cell Organoids Engineering using Droplet Microfluidic System [2020-05-04]
Scientists Proposed a Strategy of Photo-thermo Catalytic Oxidation Reaction [2020-05-04]
New Findings Shed Light on Selective Therapeutics for IDH1-mutated Glioma [2020-04-27]
The Advances on the Chemistry and Promising Applications of Graphene and Porous Graphene Materials [2020-04-10]
A New Strategy Based on Dynamic Covalent Chemistry to Accurately Capture Sialylated Glycans [2020-04-10]
Scientists Revealed the Photoluminescence Mechanism of Mn-doped Lead-free Double Perovskite Nanocrystals [2020-04-02]
DICP Scientists Reviewed on the Power of Hydrides [2020-04-02]
Scientists Proposed a New Strategy for Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis from Nitric Oxide [2020-03-31]
Scientists Revealed the Photochemical Rationale of SH(X) / H2S Abundance Ratios in Interstellar Medium [2020-03-31]
DICP’s New Catalytic Materials Efficiently Adsorb and Inactivate COVID-19 Virus [2020-03-26]
Scientists Developed a New Treatment Method by Using Functional Metabolomics to Improve the Survival of Acute-On-Chronic Liver Failure [2020-03-26]
Scientists reveal hidden catalytic surface of Ni-Au core-shell in CO2 hydrogenation [2020-03-24]
Scientists proposed a practically feasible approach for scalable solar hydrogen production via water splitting [2020-03-24]
A Boron Nitride Nanosheets Composite Membrane for a Long‐Life Zinc‐Based Flow Battery [2020-03-17]
A New Progress in Wafer-scale Single-crystal Hexagonal Boron Nitride Monolayers Identified by DUV-PEEM/LEEM [2020-03-16]
DICP Scientists Developed High Energy Density All Solid-State Sodium Batteries with Excellent Flexibility [2020-03-13]
Scientists Revealed a Novel Roaming Mechanism in a Bimolecular Chemical Reaction [2020-03-13]
Scientists Propose New Method for Large-scale Production of Thermally Stable Single-atom Catalysts [2020-03-10]
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