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The Denitrification Technology of Coke Oven Flue Gas Developed by DICP has been Widely Used in the Coking Industry
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-09-26    From:DNL0901

From May 2017, four DeNOx industrial units have been successfully carried out in Hebei Donghai Steel group Co. Ltd (flue-gas flux: 250000Nm3/hr), Xuzhou Dongxing Energy Co. Ltd (flue-gas flux: 300000Nm3/hr), Tangshan Dafeng Coking Co. Ltd (flue-gas flux: 170000Nm3/hr), Qian’an Jiujiang Coal Storage and Transportation Company (flue-gas flux: 250000Nm3/hr) for removal of NOx from coke oven flue gas. These units were all loaded with high-efficiency low-temperature DeNOx catalysts developed by DNL0901.



Since 2013, DNL0901 has focused on the denitrification of coke oven flue gas, and developed an efficient low-temperature SCR catalyst for the denitrification of coke oven flue gas.

In 2015, DNL0901 jointed with Jiangsu WOTE environmental protection equipment Engineering Co. Ltd and Jiangsu Yizhou Coking Co. Ltd to establish the first low-temperature DeNOx industrial demonstration unit for reduction of NOx emissions from the 3# coke oven in Jiangsu Yizhou Coking Co. Ltd, and in 2016 Jiangsu Yizhou Coking Co. Ltd continued to use our technology for the denitration construction of the remaining three coke oven.

These four sets of denitration device have run stably in more than one year and the stable operation of these four sets has played a good demonstration role in the process of flue gas denitration in the coking industry of China.

This year, our denitration technology continues to be widely used in the coking industry. Since the commissioning of these four units, the outlet nitrogen oxide concentration of the denitrification unit can be less than 100 mg/m3, which shows very good denitrification effect, and ensures that the nitrogen oxides of the coke oven flue gas meet the standard limit. (Text by HAO Cheng, Image by LI Defu)



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