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Experts from Liaoning Cancer Hospital visited DCIP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-06-12    From:Group 1808

On June 8, Dr. Danbo Wang, the vice president of Liaoning Cancer Hospital and chief director of Liaoning Cancer Institute, along with 13 medical professionals and experts visited Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Guowang Xu, the administrative deputy director of department of Biotechnology, organized the scientists of DICP to communicate with Dr. Wang's group for possible collaborations in the future.


The people, who attended this conference included Dr. Hongxu Liu, the vice president of Liaoning Cancer Hospital, the directors of Medical testing, pathology, core facility, medical oncology, general medicine, Bone and soft tissue surgery, day ward and scientists in department of sciences and academy, and 11 scientists from groups 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810 and scientific research center for translational medicine inside our department. Prof. Xu hosted this research conference. Dr. Wang briefly introduced the background of the experts attending the conference, and simply expressed their request for clinic and research collaborations. Then, Dr. Jingdong Zhang, the director of general medicine, demonstrated their ongoing study of the applications of proteomic in differential protein expression in colon cancer. Dr. Lan Xu, the director of medical testing department expressed their requests for analysis based on Mass spectrometry. Dr. Yong Zhang, the director of pathology introduced current situation and requests. Dr. Guirong Zhang introduced their requests for the techniques on MS/MS, Metabolomics and Microfluidics chip. Prof. Guowang Xu also introduced the research directions of department of biotechnology.

The experts of Liaoning Cancer Hospital visited 5 labs in department of Biotechnology and MS center in the afternoon. In the end, the experts of both sides discussed together possible projects of collaboration. The leaders in both sides are willing to make a further step toward the detailed collaborations for clinical research and testing.

Liaoning Cancer Hospital is provincial-level center for cancer prevention and therapy that was founded in 1975. To establish collaborative platform for university and institution and step forward to clinical research hospital, the hospital has become into clinical cancer academy of Dalian medical university and China medical university. It is also a base for training graduate students of China Medical University, Dalian Medical University, liaoning university of traditional Chinese medicine, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Liaoning Medical Institute. Currently, there are 1 national key subject, 5 provincial-level key subjects, 5 provincial-level clinical construction projects, and 4 provincial-level key laboratories in the hospital. In addition, Liaoning Cancer center and Liaoning Cancer Institute are also founded in this hospital.

On Mar 6th, scientists from a few clinic related CAS institutes have visited Liaoning Cancer Hospital, that was organized by Yuehong Ma, vice president of Shenyang branch of CAS. The visiting of the experts from Liaoning Cancer Institute to DICP was a return visit, it will highly promote the collaborations in the future. (Text: Xiaoli Hou, Yang Liu. Photo: Xiaoli Hou)



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