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DICP Ion Mobility Spectrometer Participated in 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-05-18    From:Group 102

The 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (CGIEF) for artificial intelligence, black technology and other world's cutting edge products and innovative technology, is open in Chengdu Century Metro International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 10, 2017. Entrepreneurial teams,guests and visitors from 47 countries and region, including four Nobel Prize winners, 14 academicians and 58 heads of world-renowned universities attend and visit the exhibition during three day. The portable chemicals on-site detection mass spectrometer and non-radioactive ion source ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) set up by the Laboratory for Rapid Separation and Detection of DICP, CAS, are exhibited in this CGIEF.
With the socio-economic development, more and more illegal drugs (such as: stimulants, drugs, fake and shoddy drugs, etc.) appear in people's lives, the use of these illicit drugs not only endanger personal health, but also threaten the community stability and economic development. Portable ion trap mass spectrometer based on miniaturization of mass spectrometry technology to promote the on-site qualitative and quantitative analysis of illegal drugs, providing a powerful weapon for illegal drugs on-site inspection and evidence. The instrument uses a variety of innovative technologies (such as thermal desorption sample introduction technology, reagent-assisted VUV soft ionization technology, non-continuous atmospheric pressure interface technology and tandem mass spectrometry technology), to ensure the accuracy of detection while achieving the instrument portable Integrated (volume of 35 * 32 * 30 cm3, weight of 16.2 kg). At present, the instrument has passed the "China New Era Certification Center" GB/T1900-2008/ISO9001:2008 quality management certification, and the Portable ion trap mass spectrometer was used for on-site demonstration applications in De Hong County, Mu Kang checkpoint, Yu Xi City Public Security Bureau, Qing Long Chang checkpoint and other places of Yunnan Province, the it also was selected to participate "the second military and civilian integration exhibition" held in Beijing in 2016.


The non-radioactive ion source ion mobility spectrometry technology for 0n-site rapid detection of explosives, drugs and drug analysis, is closely tracking the security requirements for various dangerous substances detection. The portable single-tube dual-mode and dual-tube dual-mode ion mobility spectrometry can detect, analysis, identification of explosives, illegal drugs and medical drugs, including the common black powder explosives and the international new type of peroxide explosives, with high sensitivity and specificity. Based on patents and our own intellectual properties, a variety of products have successfully passed the certification of China Certification Center for Security and Protection. The IMS products have been used in Tianjin, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Beijing, Nanjing and other places, contributing to maintain social security and stability, and participate in the handling of emergencies.
On the first day of the exhibition, the portable ion trap mass spectrometer and the portable explosives drug detector were introduecd to Li Yin, the deputy secretary of provincial committee and governor of Sichuan province and other leaders. They watched the demonstration of the instrument, and fully affirmed the contribution made by the on-site rapid detection equipment in the field of national social security. During the three-day fair, a number of domestic enterprises consulted with the delegates of group 102 on the on-site detection of illegal drugs, soil explosives and new peroxide explosives, exchange and learning, and reached some preliminary cooperation intentions for the relevant technology transfer. (By LI Jinghua and WANG Shuang)



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