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863 Project “Monitoring and Risk Evaluation Technique for Dioxin Compounds in Flue Gas” Successfully Passed the Project Acceptance
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The evaluation meeting of 863 project “Monitoring and risk evaluation technique for dioxin compounds in flue gas” (2011AA060600) was carried by the 863 office of the Ministry of Science and Technology on April 23rd, 2015. The project was conducted by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (CAS), Focused Photonics (Hangzhou), Inc., Agela Technologies (Tianjin), Inc., Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (CAS), and Tsinghua University together by the leading of Professor Qing Zhang as the project’s chief scientist. The expert group has debriefed the project defense by Professor Qing Zhang representative of the individual research teams, reviewed the acceptance reports and the research achievements of the project during the meeting. They showed recognition that the project had obtained some innovation achievements and finished the assigned objectives and technique specifications.

The project has made important progresses on a series of monitoring equipments, including the automatic continuous sampling system for dioxin compounds in flue gas, the online industrial GC-MS, online TOF-MS, and two-dimensional GC-GC systems for monitoring dioxin precursors in flue gas. The developed rapid biological screening and sample pretreatment technology for dioxin compounds has also achieved a great improvement on dioxin compounds. A series of innovative achievements have been obtained in the aspects of the online monitoring, environmental pollution and health risk assessment technology for dioxin compounds.

The technique, equipment and devices developed in the project have been applied for independent intellectual properties, including 17 national invention patents, 2 software copyrights as well as 6 standard specifications (proposals) and consulting reports. The achievements obtained have good social benefits and market application prospects.

Based on the serious discussion, the expert group was unanimous in approving that the project had passed the evaluation. (Text / Photo : Group 103)




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