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The 12nd DMTO Plant is Start-up in Fund Energy (Changzhou)
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-01-04    From:DNL12

Recently, the methanol to olefin (MTO) unit from Fund Energy (Changzhou) Development Co., Ltd was succeeded in one-time start-up with methanol feed on Dec. 25th, 2016. The on-spec propylene product is produced on Dec. 28th, and on-spec ethylene product is produced on Dec. 29th. This marks a great success in its MTO unit start-up.

The methanol to olefin (MTO) unit from Fund Energy (Changzhou) Development Co., Ltd (Imaged by GUO Chengzhong)

300 KTA polypropylene project of Fund Energy (Changzhou) Development Co., Ltd. is one of the most important strategic cooperation projects among Jiangsu province, Changzhou Municipal People's Government and Fund Energy Group. This project is located in Changzhou Binjiang economic development zone, covers an area of about 900 mu for Phase I project. The 330 KTA methanol to olefins unit, adopting DMTO technology with IP right of DICP, is the iconic and core unit of this project. It conforms to the national energy development strategy and industry policy, and has important strategic significance both in promoting regional economic development and realizing the diversification of olefin raw materials.

So far, twelve MTO commercial plants has started up by using DICP's DMTO technology with total olefin output capacity of 6.46 million tons per year. (Text by ZHANG Qi and Imaged by GUO Chengzhong)



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