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Lecture: GoldCLIP: Gel-Omitted Ligation-Dependent CLIP [2017-11-18]
Lecture: Process Systems Engineering: Applications on Sustainable Bioproduction [2017-11-08]
Lecture: Multifunctional Carbon Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage [2017-10-30]
Lecture: Recent Advances in Methanol to Hydrocarbons Catalysis [2017-10-25]
Lecture: Activity and Stability of WOx-ZrO2/MWCNT for Cyclohexanol Dehydration in Liquid Water [2017-10-20]
Lecture: From Shale Oil to Dust, Whale Blubber, Peanut Butter, Serum, and Gingko Biloba – 40 Years in the Development of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for Organic Analysis [2017-10-18]
Lecture: Development of Top Talent for Research Excellence and Impact [2017-10-13]
Lecture: Contribution of Quantum Chemical Modeling to Understand the Structure, Stability and Properties of Zeolites [2017-10-13]
Lecture: Innovative Mass Spectrometry Chemistries and Technologies to Read the Complex Language of Biology [2017-10-12]
Lecture: Hierachically Porous Silica and its Application to Analytical Sciences [2017-10-12]
Lecture: The XAS Beam Line at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) [2017-10-12]
Lecture: Quantitative Multi-omic Biomarker Discovery: Catalyzing Systems Medicine through a Longitudinal Study of Well Individuals [2017-10-12]
Lecture: Relation of Electronic Structure and Electrocatalyst [2017-10-12]
Lecture: Photocatalysis on Metal Oxides: Insights from Simulations [2017-10-11]
Lecture: Mission Accomplished-Auto-Stack Core Delivers Top of Class FC Technology [2017-10-03]
Lecture: Safety of Li-Batteries [2017-10-03]
Lecture: Development of Metallopeptides for Efficient Water Oxidation Electrocatalysis [2017-09-28]
Lecture: General Introduction of the Centre for Energy Research Including Recent Achievements in Materials Sciences [2017-09-27]
Lecture: Insights into Nitrate Reduction over Indium-Decorated Palladium Nanoparticle Catalysts [2017-09-22]
Lecture: Zeolite Synthesis and Processes for Bioplastics Production and Efficient Hydrocarbon Conversions (BEA, AEI, GME, AFI) [2017-09-20]
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