LI Xianfeng
Title: Professor
Subject: Chemical Engineering
Phone: 0411-84379669
Research Interests
1. Electrochemical Energy storage techniques, mainly focus on secondary battery (including flow battery, lithium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery, lithium-sulfur battery and so on), from key materials to system
2. Membranes for electrochemical Energy Storage systems 
1. 12/2012-present: Dalian institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Full professor
2. 10/2009-12/2012: Dalian institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Associate professor
3. 10/2006-10/2009: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Postdoc
4. 09/2003-07/2006: Jilin University, PhD, Polymer Chemistry and Physics
5. 09/2001-07/2003: Jilin University, Master, Polymer chemistry and physics
6. 09/1997-07/2001: Jilin University, B.S, Polymer chemistry and physics 
Honors and Awards
2019  The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars
2019  Special government allowances of the State Council
2019  International Coalition of Energy Storage Innovation (ICESI) Young Scientist Award
2019   "Ten Thousand Talents Program" scientific and technological innovation leading talent
2017  CAS Award for Zhu Liyuehua Outstanding Mentors
2016  LU JIAXI Award for Outstanding Mentors
2015  State Technological Invention Award (Second Prize)
2015  "Ten Thousand Talents Program" National young top-notch Talent
2014  Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the CAS
2014  Outstanding Young Scientist CAS
2013  “Lu Jiaxi Outstanding Young Scientist award” CAS
2012 “Scientific and Technology Award”, Liaoning Province, Second prize 
1. Jing Hu, Meng Yue, Huamin Zhang, Zhizhang Yuan*, Xianfeng Li*, A Boron Nitride Nanosheets Composite Membrane for a Long-Life Zinc-Based Flow Battery. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, 59 (2020), 6715-6719.

2. Qing Dai, Zhiqiang Liu, Ling Huang, Chao Wang, Yuyue Zhao, Qiang Fu, Anmin Zheng*, Huamin Zhang, Xianfeng Li*, Thin-film composite membrane breaking the trade-off between Conductivity and Selectivity for a flow battery. Nat. Commun, 11(2020), 13.

3. Congxin Xie, Tianyu Li, Congzhi Deng, Yang Song, Huamin Zhang, Xianfeng Li*, A highly reversible Neutral Zinc/Manganese Battery for Stationary Energy Storage. Energy Environ. Sci, 13 (2020), 135-143.

4. Yanbin Yin, Shengnan Wang, Qi Zhang, Yang Song, Nana Chang, Yanwei Pan, Huamin Zhang, Xianfeng Li*, Dendrite-Free Zinc Deposition Induced by Tin-Modified Multifunctional 3D Host for Stable Zinc-Based Flow Battery. Adv. Mater, 2 (2020), 1906803.

5. Chenhui Wang, Wenjing Lu, Qinzhi Lai, Pengcheng Xu, Huamin Zhang, and Xianfeng Li*, TiN Nanorod Array 3D Hierarchical Composite Electrode for Ultrahigh Power Density Bromine-Based Flow Battery. Adv. Mater, 31 (2019), 1904690.

6. Congxin Xie, Yun Liu, Wenjing Lu, Huamin Zhang, Xianfeng Li*, Highly Stable Zinc-Iodine Single Flow Battery with Super High Energy Density for Stationary Energy Storage. Energy Environ. Sci, 12 (2019), 1834-1839.

7. Zhizhang Yuan, Xiaoqi Liu, Wenbin Xu, Yinqi Duan, Huamin Zhang, Xianfeng Li*, Negatively charged nanoporous membrane for a dendrite-free alkaline zinc-based flow battery with long cycle life. Nat. Commun, 9 (2018), 3731.

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